Lago Bracciano

We went to the lake at the weekend where families from Rome were taking a dip in the black waters.










Trip to the Torrente

The Torrente (icy mountain stream) where everyone goes to cool off in the summer heat. And today the volunteers arrived from all over Europe to work at the Toffia Festival.

Reminded me of 'Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte' by Seurat

Reminded me of ‘Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte’ by Seurat

Father and son fishing venture

Father and son fishing venture

Claudia and I cooling off, taken by Federico

Claudia and I cooling off, taken by Federico

SCI volunteer group

SCI volunteer group

Residency project featured in Landscape Stories this month

Really pleased to get the first bit of international publicity for the project particularly as Landscape Stories are doing such good work bringing together photographers from around the globe and to present their work to a wider audience.

Last post

I’m back in rainy London and the new university term is underway. Now I’ve finally caught up with things here so I wanted to share the last few images from Huerfano county and a few photographs of southern Colorado as I began an amazing road trip to California in August. But most of all I wanted to say a big thank you to the Museum of Friends and the people of Huerfano county who made me feel so welcome. The generosity, enthusiasm and warmth of the residents of Walsenburg, La Veta, Gardner and Libre made this project possible. It was an amazing opportunity to spend the summer building a portrait of this incredibly diverse, proud and resilient community.

Walsenburg wildlife

Stag and Hippo

8am: Complimentary coffee at First Choice

Motel Pool

Trophy head for sale

Real dinosaur eggs


Dust storm

Blue car coat

Girl in pink and rotten apples in dry water channel

The Corsentino Organic Dairy Farm

Originally from Sicily, the Corsentinos have been farming just outside Walsenburg for four generations. Pollution in the water from a mining company caused their crops to fail a few years ago and also reduced immunity in their cattle due to the high sodium content. Kaylee Corsentino is a member of 4H, a youth development organisation popular in Colorado, teaching responsibility through numerous programs including rearing livestock, which Kaylee has chosen this year.

Kaylee Corsentino by the cattle pens

Milking Station

Feeding the pigs

The evening feed of the chickens