‘All Seeing’ featured in Sight Unseen

Great to receive my copy of Sight Unseen this week, a publication made to accompany an exhibition at the RCA.


This is an image of a 3D collage from the Dissecting the West series inspired by the expedition surveys of 19th century pioneers, Russian Constructivism and the Panopticon.




Residency project featured in Landscape Stories this month

Really pleased to get the first bit of international publicity for the project particularly as Landscape Stories are doing such good work bringing together photographers from around the globe and to present their work to a wider audience.


Nick Faris on W Hill

Nick family have been in the area so long, the small town of Farisita is named after his family. They still own huge swathes of land including W hill that overlooks the town and are involved in real estate brokerage and cattle ranching. However, Nick’s passion is the environment and he has set up ‘Race to Save the Planet’, an educational institution, initiating green programs and teaching people about recycyling and how to live more in tune with nature.