New showreel for The Land of Milk and Honey exhibition


Residency project featured in Landscape Stories this month

Really pleased to get the first bit of international publicity for the project particularly as Landscape Stories are doing such good work bringing together photographers from around the globe and to present their work to a wider audience.


Matt also showed me around Gardner and the places where he had lived and hung out with other with friends and family over the years. Gardner is known for being eccentric, counter culture and a mecca for the medical marijuana growers. However it has also been the home of native Americans, and other Hispanic and European settlers for hundreds of years.

Many local people are protesting against the proposed fracking by Shell Oil in the area

Alice’s Yard

Bella’s Window

Alice’s Wolf

The High Horse Ranch

I spent Sunday with Muffin (Dr Margeret Hecht) at her ranch and veterinary clinic just outside the Libre artist community in the north of the county. She was an amazing host, took me riding and to the nearby waterfall for a picnic. I hadn’t been on a horse for years but I managed to stay in the Western saddle. Muffin even got a picture of me in action while I was distracted trying to remember which end of the horse was which and here’s a few other images of the day.

The High Horse Ranch

Muffin at home

Emma at the Waterfall

Attempting Western style riding with Traveler