This part of the Waverley Line was once the Border Union Railway that ran south from Edinburgh in Scotland through Midlothian and the Scottish Borders to Carlisle in England.  The final section opened in 1862, it was named the Waverley route after the novel by Sir Walter Scott.  The line closed to passengers in 1969, but reconstruction work of the Edinburgh-Galashiels-Tweedbank section began in 2011 and is now open.

The part I walked is now very overgrown and at times non-existent, passing through farms and woodland. However it acts as a substitute path following the border at this section which is running down the middle of rivers and burns. I was able to walk through Riddings Junction, the main station building and the stationmaster’s house survives and the whole site is now part of Riddings Farm.

border p-g-12border p-g-29

waverlyborder p-g-3

border p-g-16border p-g-9waverly sheep



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