Deadwater to the Kielder Stone

border deadwater-1-4

Less than 100m from where the border crosses the Shilling Pot road, just north of Kielder Water is the source of the North Tyne river now marked by this pillar.

I traversed this part of the border twice as the first time the Northumberland mist descended and by the time we got to the top of Peel Fell we couldn’t see a thing. However I was quite pleased to have the company of experienced fell walkers Jerome and Edward on my inaugural walk and felt more confident by the the second solo attempt (and fortunately the weather a little improved).

border deadwater-5

Someone had kindly left their marker ribbons to point the way to the Bore Stone

border deadwater-4

The Bore Stone

border deadwater-1-2

Jerome demonstrates the alarming and hidden depths of the Green Eye bogs.

border deadwater-9

The mists descend


border deadwater-11

Despite forest paths fallen trees create an arduous obstacle course

border deadwater-6-2

Signpost in the middle of nowhere to the stone/stane

border deadwater-3

Finally made it to the Kielder Stone


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