Carter Bar to the Trouting

The next part of the border walk was hard going, taking me through very rough, tussocky heather and peat bogs. Fortunately there was a mini heatwave so I enjoyed some amazing views. From here it’s easy to see the difference in geology and the more fertile ground of the Scottish side as the green hills sweep across the horizon towards Jedburgh and Kelso.

carter fell-1

View from Catcleuch Shin into Scotland

carter bar-2

Cotton grass in a freshly felled forest

carter fell-4

Confusing split in the border fence which then disappears altogether

carter fell-7

Dried up tributary of the Bateinghope Burn crosses the border

carter fell-8

Carter Fell Cairn

carter fell-12

Large pond on the Scottish side of Carter Fell

carter fell-11

Stones covering Disused mine shafts, Carter Fell

border deadwater - phone-5

Route: Carter Bar to The Trouting


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