The Forty-nine Palms Oasis


Last month I returned to Joshua Tree and the Mojave desert to continue the project I began during the JTHAR residency last year. It was great to catch up with old friends, meet some new people and explore more of this this fragile and contrary region. The project is about the community that lives around the edge of the National Park. I’m particularly interested in what type of personality is drawn to, and forged by, life in a merciless clime, in an environment that is not nearly as empty as it looks.

These images are made during a short hike into the park to see the eponymous apparition that is the Forty-nine Palms Oasis. At the highest point on the trail there are spectacular views over the town of Twenty-nine Palms before dropping back into the valley to catch the first glimpse of the Oasis.





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