Snails in Stasis

During a walk in the nearby hills, taking a break from the festivities, I came across this beautiful if tragic sight. These snails are unfortunately long gone. I later discovered that they climb the grasses to escape the nighttime rains and then are frozen in infinite stasis by the heat of the morning sun.







Street Theatre

Many artists have been invited to perform during the festival from storytelling, puppet shows and circus acts to more surreal adult fare. Roads, streets and squares will host performances and each day, there is a final show at midnight.









Preparing for the festival

Part of this residency is a commission to create a moving image and stills documentary of the annual festival. Preparations are now beginning as Toffia transforms itself in a giant stage crowded with musicians, street artists and artisans.

The idea of the festival was born in 1996 with the goal of renewing the traditional Italian Festa, be it political or religious, centered in the main square of the town. A festival born with the scope of revitalizing the historic center, reinforcing the sense of community and healing the ideological fractures of Italy in the ’70s and ‘80s.

The sleepy town comes to town life, the squares and the streets become stages for artists and actors. Food plays a big part in the festival as Toffia prepares to show off the local cuisine and feed thousands of visitors.