Tomas at Aztlan Earthwalk

Tomas Shash is the headman at the Aztlan, a Native American Church in the county. He grew up on a reservation in New Mexico and his philosophy is a native-American way of life, living simply, leaving as little of a footprint on the earth as possible. It seems to be becoming more popular, at least in these parts, with Americans of little Native heritage also taking part in meetings, lodges and ceremonies. They welcome people of any religion, opening their land to those persons who need a break from the rat race, Woofers and other volunteers. Each weekend they hold a sweat lodge ceremony and in July they hold the annual Sundance ceremony.

“It is important to share in a common prayer, no matter what religion, if any, participants follow.”

The Arbor, now being prepared for the forthcoming Sundance

Tomas in his dome


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