Sam Massington

I interviewed and photographed Sam last week. During the Second World War, he lived on an airbase in Cambridgeshire, England, which was where I grew up. He grew up in La Veta, he’s now 93 . He showed me some of his old pictures of La Veta in the 1930’s. He moved away from the county when he returned from the war and got married. A few years ago his wife became ill and got a place in the Veterans nursing home here so he moved back to the area to be close to her. After she passed away Sam decided to stay in Walsenburg and came across a lady who had been his first girlfriend at 18. She had also returned to her childhood home in recent years and they have become companions once more after a 67 year recess.

Sam at home in Walsenburg

Sam with pictures of himself and Lillian took 67 years apart

Sam aged 3, bottom left, family portrait, La Veta 1921

Sam and his wife to be, Unabelle in La Veta in 1940

Sam and Unabelle in the Rockies


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