Spanish Peaks Outreach Clinic

I visited the Outreach Clinic last week and interviewed the manager Debbie, clinical assistant Charlene and Live Well co-ordinator Cindy. The clinic is also unique within the state by offering a number of services that had been lacking in poverty stricken Huerfano County. These include a state Family Planning Clinic, the Colorado Women’s Cancer Control Initiative, STD and HIV testing, as well as prescription drug assistance. Debbie also talked about the progress they have made reducing the extremely high levels of teen pregnancy through their educational and support programmes. The Live Well organisation is also part of the clinic and is trying to tackle the obesity problem and has been running a community photo journalism project called Photo Voice to help kick start health initiatives.

I love the rather clinically accessorised ballroom upstairs, which I will return to in order to catch some of the weekly the classes; dance, karate, fencing and Zumba.

Spanish Peaks Ballroom

Cindy Campbell, Live Well Coordinator

Darcy, RN

Christina in the Ballroom

Charlene, Clinical Assistant


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