Ludlow Memorial Day 2012

On Sunday June 24 I went to the annual service of the nearby Ludlow coal mining camp massacre of 1914. The United Mine Workers of America organise this event in remembrance of the striking miners and their family members who were killed by company (Rockefeller owned, Colorado Fuel & Iron Company) thugs and the Colorado National Guard during the southern Colorado Coal Strikes. UMWA International Secretary-Treasurer Dan Kane was the key note speaker among others who passionately used the platform to raise contemporary, comparable issues concerned with the power of corrupt corporate America and the growing gulf between rich and poor in the country. Juliette Mondot was playing the part of Mother Jones on the day, a prominent labour and community organiser, who helped co-ordinate major strikes and co-founded the Industrial Workers of the World.

Ludlow Memorial monument

We Are Everywhere

Juliette as Mother Jones

Juliette as Mother Jones at the railroad from where troops machine gunned the mining camp in 1914

Ludlow Massacre Memorial


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