The Corsentino Organic Dairy Farm

Originally from Sicily, the Corsentinos have been farming just outside Walsenburg for four generations. Pollution in the water from a mining company caused their crops to fail a few years ago and also reduced immunity in their cattle due to the high sodium content. Kaylee Corsentino is a member of 4H, a youth development organisation popular in Colorado, teaching responsibility through numerous programs including rearing livestock, which Kaylee has chosen this year.

Kaylee Corsentino by the cattle pens

Milking Station

Feeding the pigs

The evening feed of the chickens


Brother Paul: off grid Libertarian

Born in Louisiana, Paul came to Huerfano as a teenager via a year traveling with the carnival and settled in the now defunct commune of Archulettaville, close to Redwing. Paul ran for State Representative as the Libertarian candidate and is proudly off grid in Walsenburg, running all his household on solar and wind power including the Green Machine, converted from agricultural junk.

Paul with the Green Machine

Paul at home

Solar power system

Paul with his hand made Camulet (Tomahawk)

Tomas at Aztlan Earthwalk

Tomas Shash is the headman at the Aztlan, a Native American Church in the county. He grew up on a reservation in New Mexico and his philosophy is a native-American way of life, living simply, leaving as little of a footprint on the earth as possible. It seems to be becoming more popular, at least in these parts, with Americans of little Native heritage also taking part in meetings, lodges and ceremonies. They welcome people of any religion, opening their land to those persons who need a break from the rat race, Woofers and other volunteers. Each weekend they hold a sweat lodge ceremony and in July they hold the annual Sundance ceremony.

“It is important to share in a common prayer, no matter what religion, if any, participants follow.”

The Arbor, now being prepared for the forthcoming Sundance

Tomas in his dome